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 سفريات النوادي الصحية الأوروبية
Еуропе Спа Травел


Your specialist for Incentive

and Spas Travel.




It is essential to have very good architect for your home, the best doctor to look after your health , an excellent consultant

for your business , one of the best lawyers to look after your rights and off course the best Travel Agent to look after your holidays.

Holidays are meant for relaxation, to rejuvenate your energy moreover to spend Your quality time with your loved ones and it is

imperative to have the best Tour Operator to be your travel planner, who has got the experience, Infrastructure, commitment

and who is a real professional to plan your precious holidays.



                Travel to the Czech Republic


                                                Contacts :                                                     

                                                 E-mail :

                                                            Mobile : +420734845851


    E.S.T. offers the complete incoming tourist services, an accommodation in the best luxurious hotels and residental

apartments nationwide. We provide the accommodation during whole year, but we have also the special offer for

the Winter Stay in our country and other countries in Europe. We specialize in the complet spa services for example

in Karlovy Vary Spa, Marianske Lazne Spa, Frantiskovy Lazne Spa, Karviná Spa, Poděbrady Spa, arranging

the professional healthcare at reasonable prices.


    The tradition of spa treatment in our country  is an inseparable part of European cultural heritage. The treatment
provided by Czech spas is based exclusively on the use of high-quality natural curative resources, which this
country has always abounded in thanks to the diverse geological composition of its terrain. The application
of state-of-the-art medical and rehabilitation methods, combined with the traditional use of natural mineral water,
peat moss and curative gases as well as the climate, makes Czech republic a spa superpower. At present, however
Czech spas do not just focus their attention on patients alone, they provide recreation and relief form daily
stress, an opportunity to recuperate in an active way and improve the conditions of  health. Like many people before
you, you are likely to be enchanted by the wealth of enticing hidden corners, romantic peaks, elegant spa building
featuring unusual architecture and tranquil parks.

    Given our experience, we are aware that we are able to guarantee services of excellence in such cases
when the professional standard, quality, and price are involved. Therefore, we have decided to act as a company
offering full service both to independent visitors and to clients in the Business, Executive and VIP Class categories.
We would like to offer our services in the following scope:


                                                        CZECH REPUBLIC



Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) spa city                                                                     

Marianske lazne (Marienbad) spa city                                                        

Frantiskovy lazne (Frantiskovy Bad) spa city                                               

Podebrady Spa                                                                                                   

Jachymov Spa                                                                                                      

Darkov Spa                                                                                                          



Conference Services                                                                                                                               

Limousine Car Services                                                                                                                                  

Horse Riding

Boat Trips 

Sports Training Camps


Air ticket booking

Visas (help with the application form)

Guidet Tours

Personal Protection



Germany     - Frankfurt,Munchen, Koln, Constanz, Berlin, Bonn ....                                               

Slovakia      - Bratislava,Piestany, Vysoke Tatry Mountains .....                                                      

Hungary      - Budapest .....                                                                               

Russia         - Moscow, Petrohrad ......                                                           

Austria         - Wienna,  Salzburk, Bregenze, Alpen Mountains ....


Poland         - Warzsau, Poznan, Gdansk ......

Sweden       - Stockholm, Malmo, Goteborg, Kiruna .....

Finland        - Helsinki, Turku, Rovaniemi ......

Norway        - Oslo ......

Great Britain    - London, .....

France         - Paris, Marseille, St. Tropéz, Lyon .....

Italy               - Roma, Torino, Palermo, Milano .....



     Our range of services is wide. Nevertheless, we are able to provide all of them in the highest quality. We guarantee
the best results not only of services provided by as, but also by all its partners. They have been selected on the grounds
of a long-standing successful co-operation since they are undoubtedly leaders in their respective fields.